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fair ads network

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Fair Ads Network

FAN introduces the first ad network of its kind. You can earn an income regardless of whether you sign up as a publisher or an advertiser. In fact, you can register as both! They didn’t stop there though, you can even transfer your funds back and forth as you please! They give you total control of everything.

Affiliate Programs: You can also make money with your website when you join affiliate programs. Affiliate marketing is a very nice way to make money with your website. Affiliate marketing involves marketing other people’s product. Each time somebody makes a purchase through a link from your website, a certain percentage of money will be paid to you.

Many companies only offer their affiliate program through their site so don”t overlook those programs you glanced at while looking for link partners. Knowledge goods (reports and e-books) are a great product to sell when they relate to your topic. Authors often have an affiliate program available to re sellers  Make sure you DO want to recommend the product before offering it for sale.

Build a Directory

This is not a short-term quick-money strategy. But a directory can make long term revenue for you!

The problem with most industry directories is that they start out asking for payment, before they are a proven resource. Build your directory first with free listings, possibly requiring a link back in exchange. Once the content and the search engine rankings are there, THEN it”s time to charge for listings.

Once you’ve proven to companies that your directory sends them business (with your free listings) they”ll be happy to pay to remain in the directory- it”s a no-brainer.

Shopping Ads

Basically, it”s like AdSense but for actual products rather than just ads.

You can specify the exact keywords that you want to search for.All ads are geo-targeted Affiliate returns are higher than with a regular affiliate accounts.

You can use Shopping Ads at the same time as Google AdSense.

They pay you at the very beginning of the next month – no more waiting.


Affiliate sites that do nothing but spam the search engines in an effort to gain traffic are having a harder and harder time succeeding as the engines try and deliver the best sites, not duplicates. The time spent trying to stay one step ahead of filters and algorithm changes is better spent building a resource that will grow and continue to produce revenue over time.

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