How to prepare for meetings

In your day to day life of career you have to attend a lot of meetings. A good meeting can make you win people.

Here are few tips for preparing a meeting.

Designing Your Agenda
Once the time and venue of the meeting is fixed, it is vital that the initiator of the meeting decide the points on the agenda. Each of these points must be covered in detail and decisions taken on them before the meeting wraps up.

Minutes of last meeting, this is a formal process, normally involving agreement followed by the chairperson’s signature.
Specific headings are then given for each topic that needs to be addressed.
Any other business – Many organizations prefer to drop this item, restricting the meeting to specific items. The risk with including this option is that it can invite almost any point of discussion and meetings can drag on indefinitely.

The focus on agenda

Often, despite maintaining an agenda and adhering strictly to time and schedule on a few points, the discussion deteriorates into heated debates. At this point, it is the prerogative of the meeting-in-charge or the initiator to ensure an objective discussion. Also, if a member starts rambling for hours without any end in sight, he must be brought back on track. It should be made clear that although brainstorming is acceptable, digression into irrelevant territory is entirely unwelcome.

Time Always close the meeting on time. Be disciplined about this. You will win the respect of the participants and they won”t baulk the next time you call a meeting! Hold your meetings when it is convenient with everyone.

Lastly, don”t forget the coffee and snacks, for sometimes they can prove to be the only saving grace and at times, irresistible temptation during meetings!


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